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My name is Günther Peer and I am a writer. I was born in the sacred year of 1950 under Pope Pius XII. Maybe this is why I decided to study theology and entered an Order of Benedictine at an early age. I grew up in a stable environment in a middle-class family with aristocratic roots. My father Leopold was a master printmaker at heart and soul. My mother Ottilie was a passionate homemaker and mother. My brother Egon is married with one son and is an IT technician. After nine years of compulsory schooling, a difficult journey came to an end for me. This was followed by a three-year apprenticeship as a wholesale merchant at the end of which I successfully obtained my apprenticeship certificate.

During my Sturm and Drang years, I was quite reticent and oriented towards Christian values and ideals. I was heavily involved in extracurricular youth work in various parishes. In July 1968, I founded the first altar boy newspaper. In Autumn 1968, I was employed at the Episcopal Ordinariate, under Diocesan Bishop DDr. Paulus Rusch, as head of the auxiliary service (information office for the preparation of the diocesan synod 1971/72). After my military service (1971), I decided to become a monk in January 1972, in the Cistercian Order of Stams Abbey, under Abbot Dr. Bernhard Slovsa OCist. After a malicious rumour was spread, I had to leave the monastery. In the same year, after the intervention of Bishop Rusch, I became a candidate in the Benedictine monastery of Fiecht near Schwaz. In 1974, I was a novitiate in St. Ottilien near Munich (the main monastery of the congregation). In 1975, I took my religious vows in Fiecht. Shortly thereafter, I was appointed secretary to the abbot and master of ceremonies of the abbey (with diaconate ordination). In July 1978, I completed my theology studies and teaching degree at the Religious Education Academy in Schwaz. At the same time, I gained my first experience in schools at the secondary school in Fiecht and the elementary school in Vomp.

After leaving the monastery in August 1978, I became a teacher at various schools in Innsbruck. 1984 saw my withdrawal from the “Missio Canonica”, under Bishop Reinhold Stecher, due to incompatibility with Catholic moral teaching. I then spent the next two years as a pedagogical worker at Caritas in a residential community for the rehabilitation of young people with drug and alcohol addiction. From 1986 to 1994, I worked as a copywriter for a Dutch company, at their branch in Hall in Tyrol. In the same year, I became head of campaign preparations for a political party (SPÖ) for the state elections in Tyrol. The following year, I became a freelance copywriter. After an initially good start, I had to deregister my business six years later due to a lack of orders. From then until my retirement in 2012, I worked as a proofreader in a large printing company.

In 1995, following decades of service to God in the Catholic Church, I decided to finally draw a line under my clerical past. The God of the Bible proved to be vengeful, domineering and bloodthirsty. The true God of love lives invisibly in a transcendental fantasy world. In the same year, I published my autobiography “Der Zeromonienmeister” (“The Master of Ceremonies”). It coincided with the scandal surrounding Cardinal Hans-Hermann Groer. The book became a great success. This was followed by television appearances in Germany and abroad (Germany, Switzerland), talk shows, and numerous readings in most of the German states. Since then, I have produced several volumes of poetry, biographical and historical novels. Further books are in planning - on the homepage under projects.

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