Günther Peer
Der Zeremonienmeister



My name is Günther Peer and I am an author. Born 1950 in a distinguished, Venice family with aristocratic roots back to the 18th century. I grew up in solid conditions, of post war time. My family are my father Leopold, a printing master filled with enthusiasm, my mother Ottilie, an amiable woman with a heart of gold, and my brother Egon an IT – Engineer, married with Elisabeth. And their son Markus. School time, especially mathematics was a real torture for me, but I took an interest in German and history. From 1965 until 1968 I made an unhappy apprenticeship of a whole sale trade business man with certification.

Being a Teenager I set a high value on christian virtue and ideals, engaged in youth welfare out of school. Successful altar advisor in the diocese Innsbruck. In July 1968 foundation of the first altar boy news-paper. Same year appointment to the diocesan under the leadership of Bishop DDr. Paulus Rusch ( information for diocesan synod). First experiences as secretary of the bishop and ceremonial master of the cathedral St. Jakob in Innsbruck. Because of private misadventure I decided to attend the Cistercian order at Abbey Stams (Tyrol) in 1970. One year I was prefect in the „ internal order boarding secondary school“ under abbot Dr. Bernhard Slovsa OCist. After dissensions I retired in 1972. Because of the intervention of the bishop I attended the Benedictine Abbey of Fiecht near Schwaz (Tyrol). After the novitiate in St. Ottilien (near Munich) i made the vows: poverty, obedience, habits of monastery and stabilitas loci (continuation). One year later ascent in clerical order of precedence to secretary of the abbot and master of ceremony of the abbey. Same time I finished my studies in theology, German and catholic religion. Experiences as teacher in secondary school Fiecht and primary school Vomp (Tyrol) after leaving in 1978 I was teaching in different school in Innsbruck.

In consequence of differences with the diocesan bishop (at that time Dr. Reinhold Stecher) deprivation of „ Missio Canonica“ because of dissatisfaction with my work as a teacher (faith not strong enough, too much practice without ecclesiastical moral) after wards pedagogical co – worker for caritas in rehabilitation of young peoples being addicted to drugs and alcoholics. Then in 1986 ultimate success in a competition of the ORF for writing talents winning the second price I got a chance to write advertising texts for a Dutch group. Until the shut down in 1994 I worked in the branch in Hall (Tyrol) as an copywriter and a proof reader. In autumn 1994 leadership of publicity during the election of the parliament of Tyrol (SPÖ). Next year trail of being independent as an scriptwriter. After success in the beginning I had to finish my business, in default of commissions, six years later. I am working as a copywriter, proof reader and author until today.

Serving catholic church for decades I finished with that confession of faith in 1995. The end of painful experience of that „godless church“ for many years because god of the bible is revengeful, imperious and bloodthirsty. The real god of love is banished in transcendence by the followers of Jesus Christ. There by love has been lost. Same year my juvenile dream – the publication of my autobiography: „Der Zeremonienmeister – Leben und lieben hinter Klostermauern“ has been printed. This book a big success was sold more than good times, followed by several telecasts, in home and foreign countries, and many readings all over Austria. More than 15 years of publication of letters to the editor in news-papers as lyrics and prose in literature magazines I finally reached recognition in the writing scene. Ten years later the second edition of „Zeremonienmeister“ in combination with being guest in TV – Talk Show and readings in Austria and foreign countries (Germany, Switzerland) once again.


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